Hannah had became known to both the social service and police system on many occasions, largely because she was unable to live in a stable home, as both her parents deceased at a relatively young age. She lodged with family and friends, but more often than not, was asked to leave due to her poor behaviour, or she would voluntarily leave, as she hated being told what to do. Hannah was very volatile, and frequently, would lash out. She also held a number of abusive partners, whilst misusing substances as she was unaware of anything else, and was also introduced to working on the streets with other girls. Hannah came to us and was pregnant, but refused to engage with any type of service, including maternity, due to the fear of her unborn child being taken away from her. Eventually, Hannah worked with us and within three months, she had her baby, and due to the support of our staff, she gained a close relationship with social services who secured her, and her baby, a place in a mother and baby unit outside of the area. This gave Hannah the opportunity to gain parenting skills, without temptation from other distractions in the area. Hannah still has custody of her child and they have just been placed in their own home with the support of outside agencies. We wish Hannah, and her baby, the best of luck in the future.


Some of the details have been altered to protect the identity of our client.